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I’ve moved my site to a new host and will soon move my store to a new provider.  In the process of moving my blog, most of the posts that I published over the last few months now have broken links, both on Facebook and Twitter. Over the next few days I’ll republish these articles. Maybe some of you never saw them and you might be able to find them now. If you do happen to read them, I would appreciate comments from you, but in any event, thank you.

Everglades, Reflections at Sundown

As for the store, over the next few months I will be moving my images to a provider that will include the ability to not only buy prints but also include frames and matting. There are other benefits to the move but, hopefully, this will provide a one-stop shop. You would get a fully finished, high quality product that would be ready to hang, if that is what you desire.

In the meantime, there will be some overlap as I make the move but I will send out announcements when the new products are available.

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EdGleichmanPhotography – my prints and posters.
FineWorldPhotography – my articles and photographs.
“Life on the Rim” – my customizable gifts for any occasion!

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