How to get a picture of a girl at the beach


First, you drive more than an hour out of your way to find the lighthouse you thought was a few minutes off the highway (I-75, near Boca Grande, Florida). You then spend another hour or so looking the area over, including the lighthouse, actually a lighthouse and a light tower, and then finding a chapel, all part of Gasparilla Island State Park.

After you’re ready to go and somewhat tired (walking around the dunes, beaches, and grasses where the lighthouses and chapel are), you find her sitting at another part of the beach.

I didn’t think she would mind, so I took the picture. Actually, she never saw me and I didn’t bother her.

Girl at Beach, Gasparilla Island

I’m guessing it’s probably not the picure you had in mind.

But there were also pictures of the lighthouses, the church, and some more of the area. This is Gasparilla Island, northwest of Ft Myers and southwest of Boca Grande (but, as I said, a long way out of the way). The lighthouses are the Boca Grande Rear Range Light and the Port Boca Grande Lighthouse.

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