Buttonwood Sundown

Buttonwood Sundown

A few years back, after a couple of hours on the road coming back from Key West and being hungry, I turned into the driveway at Bayside Grille in Key Largo which looks out northwest toward Buttonwood Sound and Swash Keys. After a nice meal it seemed like a good opportunity to stroll around and see what the sights might be.

The Grille restaurant was on the second floor and after a few shots there, I walked down and looked around at the pier, watching kayakers going by several boats, some sailboats, some small outboards. By then it was close to sundown and it seemed like some of the clouds were hanging low and they might create a good backdrop for the sailboats. Here and there boats would go by. Other kayakers went by as well and the sun was starting to reflect off the water with a golden color. It soon turned to orange with a darker color accent in the clouds.

It was nice seeing the kayakers paddles going in rhythm, dipping and arcing going past the boats as I walked around trying to find colors and shapes. Above the low lying clouds there were other types of clouds, some like dark lumps, and above those the sun’s light being more in the shade of pale yellow-orange making it look much more dramatic.

But once I moved to where there were no boats in line with the keys in the background, the scene above was what attracted me, much more subdued with layers of orange and mauve presenting themselves as the ball of the sun hit the keys. A beautiful Buttonwood Sundown.

Hopefully it resonates a little with you. Although sun downs tend to be common in photography, there can be something relaxing and peaceful, especially when mixed with water and shoreline.

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