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While doing some research on Alice Town in the Biminis, I came across information on the Bimini Big Game Club (BBGC) which I was somewhat familiar with since I had spent time there a couple of years back while staying at the Bimini Bay Resort (the following image is one of the Bimini Bay marinas), a much newer resort further north on North Bimini.

Resort at North Bimini

When I had visited the BBGC, Guy Harvey was associated with the club as you can see in the second photo.  What surprised me was that, in the photos and descriptions I saw now, there was no mention of him. In doing some more research, I found out that the BBGC and Guy Harvey Outpost had decided to part company back in May of 2012.

If you’re not familiar with Guy Harvey, he is a marine biologist/artist known for his fabulous drawings of sea life and, if you haven’t worn one, you’ve probably seen someone wearing a t-shirt with one of his colorful, very realistic wildlife images as well as his recognizable signature, which you can also see in the marina sign in the photo below. In fact, he is currently doing a TV ad for the Florida Lottery promoting a scratch-and-win bearing his name.

Bimini Big Game Club

After viewing several photos on different sites, the BBGC looks pretty much the same. It’s probably still among the most desirable places to visit in the Biminis, with a nice marina, nearly 40 hotel rooms, and a very nice restaurant. All of this is in a tropical setting of tall palm trees, ocean breezes, beautiful views of a peaceful lagoon, and the seaside air to help you forget about the rest of the world for a little while. Well, that’s what it did for me. I’d like to go back.

You can read this Guy Harvey Outpost blog post about the end of the licensing agreement with the BBGC and other items of interest. You can also see other images for the BBGC, Bimini Bay Resort, and Bimini in general.

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