Arch in Glass, the Espirito Santo Plaza Building, Miami


If you go anywhere near downtown Miami go south a little on US1/Brickell Avenue and you will pass the Espirito Santo Plaza building, North American headquarters for the Espirito Santo Bank.

It’s got a grand entrance but, to me, its best feature is the concave glass arch high above. You can have a better appreciation if you’re a few blocks away as in the following image. The arch symbolizes the gateway to Latin America, similar to the Saint Louis Arch’s “Gateway to the West”.

Arch in Glass, Miami

You might have already seen it without going to Miami since it’s been in various scenes from Burn Notice, CSI: Miami, and the Miami Vice movie. It has also won the Platinum Award of Engineering Excellence and, as if that’s not enough, I happen to like it as well.

It has many tenants in its 36 stories, including a Conrad Hotel, some restaurants, a fitness club, plus many facilities such as a pool, tennis courts, parking, and more.

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Ed Gleichman
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