Sedona’s Enchantment

I still remember the feeling I had driving toward Sedona on Highway I-17 going north from Phoenix, leaving around midday and making some stops along the way. It was a beautiful bright day, somewhat cool, and it was so very different from what I am used to in south Florida where the farthest you can see is maybe a mile or two due to the flatness and vegetation. Moving around in Arizona always produced a feeling …

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Arizona’s Wide Open Spaces

A trip late last year for a conference in Arizona allowed me to visit places everyone should see when spending time in that beautiful state. Although I was there for nine days I quickly found out there is so much to see that it was not even enough time for the few places I did visit. This will be the first of a few installments about Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and a National Historic Landmark in Tucson, Mission San Xavier del Bac. …

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St. Leo Abbey

  You don’t have to travel to Europe or South America to visit a monastery or abbey. I don’t know how many there are in the US, probably quite a few, but I found one. By accident. I was riding around the north Tampa area in Pasco County with a friend when I happened to see almost the exact scene below, so I had him turn around.