“See America” Posters

Article as posted 29 Jun 2014 (updated below): Back in the early 1930’s for a span of about 10 years toward the end the Great Depression, the federal government tried to find ways to get people working. One of the actions taken in 1933, as part of the New Deal under Franklin D. Roosevelt, was to create the Works Progress Administration (WPA). There were many modifications made to the WPA in 1939 and the name changed to Work Projects Administration. The WPA had many programs …

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Downtown Clarksville and the Roxy

  Original Article (there are 2 updates below): It’s been several years since I took the picture below and much longer since I had been downtown and at the Roxy Theater before that, in fact, going back to my college days at Austin Peay State University.  The theater looked the same but the lot next to it didn’t, mostly because there was no mural in those days and if my memory serves me right, there was a …

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My Image, “Tugs”, Was Purchased Today

  Today, after working very hard for many weeks to move my content to Fine Arts America and setting up the galleries, a buyer from Puerto Rico purchased the image “Tugs”, below. This was a metal print, at 20 x 30 inches, which should look very nice wherever the buyer chooses to hang it. I haven’t finished moving all the images and I have many more to add so there is still a lot of work to do. Please …

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I’ve moved my site

  I’ve moved my site to a new host and will soon move my store to a new provider.  In the process of moving my blog, most of the posts that I published over the last few months now have broken links, both on Facebook and Twitter. Over the next few days I’ll republish these articles. Maybe some of you never saw them and you might be able to find them now. If you do …

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Lincoln Center, Miami Beach, and why did I take this picture?

  Usually, you look over an area and you might like something about it, a bridge, the color of a sky, a feature of a building, etc. So you try to find the right angle or the way to highlight a feature or, well, there are lots of reasons to take a picture. But sometimes, I don’t know why I take a picture, or more precisely, why I take the picture I take. As in the …

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How to get a picture of a girl at the beach

  First, you drive more than an hour out of your way to find the lighthouse you thought was a few minutes off the highway (I-75, near Boca Grande, Florida). You then spend another hour or so looking the area over, including the lighthouse, actually a lighthouse and a light tower, and then finding a chapel, all part of Gasparilla Island State Park. After you’re ready to go and somewhat tired (walking around the dunes, …

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Shimmering crab

  Another example of refraction. I was reminded of it when I saw an image on Bing of dolphins swimming just beneath the surface of the water. This was taken in the late afternoon on a bright sunny day. I didn’t have to chase after the crab, it was running right past my feet Ed Gleichman FineWorldPhotography.com Ed Gleichman – FineArtAmerica   P.S. See  an earlier article on an example of refraction in my Shimmering …

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Shimmering airplane

  There are times that you just can’t get a sharp image of objects. It doesn’t matter what exposure setting, ISO setting, or for that matter, how much light there is. The image below is one of those. It was a bright day and very hot in Ft. Lauderdale.

Welcome to Fine World Photography!

  I hope to provide views and information about some of the sights available to us if we just stop to take a look and explore a little.  Hopefully you’ll find something you see appealing.You also might provide me with a learning opportunity.  Your comments are welcome. It’s a Fine World, lets enjoy it and, maybe, make it better in some small way. Ed Gleichman FineWorldPhotography.com Ed Gleichman – FineArtAmerica