Canon EOS 5D Mark II: banding/pattern noise problem

  Article as posted 4 Jun 2012 (there are 2 updates below):  The images below are downsized photos from my Canon EOS 5D Mark II . But they had a problem! You might have come across this problem which I recently researched. There were  some interesting discussions 2 to 3 years back and even some more recently, including some related to the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III, but I didn’t find anything that seemed to resolve …

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Shimmering crab

  Another example of refraction. I was reminded of it when I saw an image on Bing of dolphins swimming just beneath the surface of the water. This was taken in the late afternoon on a bright sunny day. I didn’t have to chase after the crab, it was running right past my feet Ed Gleichman Ed Gleichman – FineArtAmerica   P.S. See  an earlier article on an example of refraction in my Shimmering …

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Shimmering airplane

  There are times that you just can’t get a sharp image of objects. It doesn’t matter what exposure setting, ISO setting, or for that matter, how much light there is. The image below is one of those. It was a bright day and very hot in Ft. Lauderdale.