Buttonwood Sundown

A few years back, after a couple of hours on the road coming back from Key West and being hungry, I turned into the driveway at Bayside Grille in Key Largo which looks out northwest toward Buttonwood Sound and Swash Keys. After a nice meal it seemed like a good opportunity to stroll around and see what the sights might be. The Grille restaurant was on the second floor and after a few shots there, …

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Sedona’s Enchantment

I still remember the feeling I had driving toward Sedona on Highway I-17 going north from Phoenix, leaving around midday and making some stops along the way. It was a beautiful bright day, somewhat cool, and it was so very different from what I am used to in south Florida where the farthest you can see is maybe a mile or two due to the flatness and vegetation. Moving around in Arizona always produced a feeling …

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Arizona’s Wide Open Spaces

A trip late last year for a conference in Arizona allowed me to visit places everyone should see when spending time in that beautiful state. Although I was there for nine days I quickly found out there is so much to see that it was not even enough time for the few places I did visit. This will be the first of a few installments about Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and a National Historic Landmark in Tucson, Mission San Xavier del Bac. …

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The Scimitar-horned Oryx

  While travelling in Texas between Austin and San Antonio a few years back, I decided to take back roads to see what there was in the area. This area of Texas is somewhat dry with rolling hills and rough terrain. Along the way on Highway 281 there was a housing development which, from the outside, looked somewhat interesting. So I drove past the gates, partly up a hill, and was confronted with a small herd of about …

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Trees floating over water?

  This image has something unusual. If you look closely at the area where the trees are, they appear to be floating over the water. They aren’t but you can’t tell what’s below or around the trees. On further inspection, the trees have shadows underneath that look like inversions of the tree image with sunlight all around. This is actually a view across the water from Ft. Myers beach to Sanibel. Thanks for visiting, Ed Gleichman FineWorldPhotography.com …

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Shimmering crab

  Another example of refraction. I was reminded of it when I saw an image on Bing of dolphins swimming just beneath the surface of the water. This was taken in the late afternoon on a bright sunny day. I didn’t have to chase after the crab, it was running right past my feet Ed Gleichman FineWorldPhotography.com Ed Gleichman – FineArtAmerica   P.S. See  an earlier article on an example of refraction in my Shimmering …

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Welcome to Fine World Photography!

  I hope to provide views and information about some of the sights available to us if we just stop to take a look and explore a little.  Hopefully you’ll find something you see appealing.You also might provide me with a learning opportunity.  Your comments are welcome. It’s a Fine World, lets enjoy it and, maybe, make it better in some small way. Ed Gleichman FineWorldPhotography.com Ed Gleichman – FineArtAmerica